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Welcome to the Taryn Laine Aesthetic Cosmetic Medical Clinic, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Established 2005

Taryn Laine Clinic (TLC) is staffed by fully qualified and trained medical and beauty therapy personnel using internationally accepted medical procedures and products. Helping both men and women of all ages to achieve or restore a more attractive, youthfully fresh appearance and to slow the deleterious effects of ageing.

Never will you be made to feel uncomfortable or "vain" about any of your appearance concerns. We love this field ..... because we know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin as well as to be looking vibrant and good in today's competitive world ..... and because we really can make a difference...

Medical procedures and cosmeceutical products are performed and prescribed directly by, or under the supervision of, our onsite Principal Aesthetic Cosmetic Physician (Doctor,Medical Practitioner), Dr Mike Henry (MD) MBChB (UCT) DCH (SA) with over 25 years of postgraduate medical experience, a member of and Board Certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic medicine (AAAM) as well as a member of the South African Allergan Academy of Aesthetic Practitioners. You heard him speaking on Algoa FM. Dr Henry has 12 years of Aesthetic medical experience, has performed thousands of procedures and continues to attend courses, workshops,and Congresses.

We are professionally equipped and proud to provide Botox for facial wrinkles and appearance improvement and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), Liquid Facelifts and Lip enhancement using Tissue Fillers, Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy, Dermarolling, Liposuction ,Vaser Liposelection and Fat transfer.

We also offer a comprehensive range of modern cosmeceutical anti-aging and facial skin protective and enhancement products for daily home use. Spend time with our Beauty therapists for advice on choosing the best products for your individual needs and budget. Don't allow the bewidering aray of modern products or clever advertising to prevent you from benefitting from the best the world market has to offer; we know that you simply don't have the time or knowledge to properly suss it all out, so we have made it our bussiness to do it for you.

Pain Prevention and Control is a top priority to us and no procedures have a high degree of discomfort.

Patient Safety is paramount, so cleanliness and meticulous surgical sterility are assured. All products used are of the highest quality and sourced from internationally reputable medical companies.We undertake never to use cheap products from questionable manufacturers or suppliers Your personal medical history including any allergies, medication and conditions will be taken into account.

You will feel comfortable with our friendly staff and in our tranquil and attractive clinic setting. We also offer a private recovery facility under direct supervision of our aesthetic doctor.

Visit us to explore the exciting and quite Magical World of Modern Aesthetic Medicine.
Come in for an assessment and we will outline your personal treatment plan.
Some procedures can be performed immediately whilst others need to be scheduled to fit your work and social diary and to allow enough procedure time to ensure the best results. Your budgetry constraints will be respected and staged treatments to fit them can be planned.

Book a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Doctors. There is a one-off consultation fee; all subsequent visits will only be charged as per any procedures perform.
Book a free consultation with our on site beauty therapist.

We are neither rapid fire "Prick and Pay" operators nor low price beginners but we do undertake to give you excellent value for your money.

inance options. Although our Clinic offers no finance or payment plans we do recommend that you approach MediFin Financial Services should you require financing of any procedures. Go to their webpage www.medifin.co.za for details and finance application.

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Come and explore the exciting and quite Magical World of Modern Aesthetic Medicine. Book a consultation with our Aesthetic Doctor or book a free consultation with our Beauty Therapist, Your budgetry constraints will be respected and staged treatments to fit them can be planned. Click Here

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