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Botox Port Elizabeth, Taryn Laine Clinic - Dr Mike Henry & Dr Carla van Deventer

Offering Botox ( Dysport, Botulinum Toxin) for cosmetic facial appearance improvement and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of axillae (armpits) and face by experienced, medically aesthetically trained doctors who consistently produce amazing results. You heard one of them, Dr Mike Henry, talking on Algoa FM's "The doctor is in" on Mondays .

Dr Henry is board certified with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and a registered Allergan Botox and tissue filler injector doctor instructor and member of the Allergan Academy. (Allergan are the manufacturers of Botox).

All the before and after pictures on this site were performed by Dr. Mike Henry or Dr Carla van Deventer: they are not industry provided pics copied on hundreds of different websites woldwide.

Acheiving a better looking version of yourself

Botox  together with Tissue Filler injections, Chemical Peels and Dermarolling can put a ‘wow’ factor back into your appearance: we have seen it happen repeatedly over many years in scores of patients.

Men don't imagine for one minute that it's only the ladies doing it. Who can afford not to look calm, fresh and competent in today's bussiness environment?

Surveys all over the world show that people dont want to appear grumpy, anxious, tired or saggy; they are seeking an age appropriate good version of themselves.Neither does any one want to look 'done", or "frozen". We at Taryn Laine Clinic completely get that. Our commitment to you is the pursuit of a "natural" appearing result.

Botox frequently asked questions.

How does it work?

What does Botox do?

BT is virtually painlessly injected with very fine needles into target muscles or sweat gland - containing skin. It works by temporarily disconnecting them from the nerves that convey the electrical impulse instructions from the brain. The Acetyl-choline containing vesicles (packages) in the nerve endings can no longer offload this chemical link in the communication chain. The muscles are weakened or paralysed and the sweat glands no longer secrete sweat.

The effect is temporary. The nerve endings spontaneously and completely “reconnect” after approximately 4 months. This “reconnect” time varies among different individuals, ranging from 3 to 6 months or more.It tends to follow the same duration of effect after each administation; however variation even for the same person is common and does not mean that an inferior product has necessarily been used.

Importantly “reconnection” occurs after every BT administration so the effect is never permanent. This is a good thing as our faces do change over time so an initially permanent attractive effect could eventually look undesirable. In the individual patient, repeated administration can sometimes allow for lower and slightly less frequent dosing which can decrease cost.

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