PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatments

We at Taryn Laine Clinic offer PRP treatment.

Prepared and administered under on-site medical doctor supervision.

Administered either by a Beauty therapst in combination with solid needle microneedling, or by an Aesthetically trained doctor using a single hollow needle syringe or the AquaGold fine touch micro channeling delivery system.

Treatment areas:   

Face, neck, upper chest (décolleté),

Scalp for thinning hair

Stretch marks

Back of hands.

It is the appearance of the skin surface that is being targeted for improvent, via the regenerative effects of the the microneedling and Platelet derived growth factors on the dermis and epidermis.This is in contrast to many Filler treatments that target deeper facial zones and improve facial shape and volume.

PRP Questions answered.

How does it work? What does it do in and to my skin?

What is the medical logic of PRP use in aesthetics?

The platelets in our blood are best known for their central role in blood clotting. Less well known to the general public is the role their “growth factors” play in repair of tissues. These “platelet derived growth factors”, numbering more than 30, are hugely useful in Aesthetic regenerative medicine and are used to improve tissue health and appearance.

Platelets are obtained by simply drawing a vial of your own blood, centrifuging it and collecting the plasma portion rich in platelets (whilst discarding the red and white cells).

These platelets must then be injected into the target tissues where they will become naturally “activated”, leading to them releasing their growth factors right where we wish them to work; these in turn will signal and  stimulate new cell proliferation plus  production of the important substances that lie between the cells (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) and give our tissues their healthy appearance and texture.

It is possible to purchase isolated growth factor preparations from pharmaceutical companies. Preparations include one or at best a very few different factors. They are usually quite pricey. PRP, by contrast, offers you more than 30 growth factors manufactured in your own body, supplied in tiny sterile packages of platelets that are easy to deliver to your tissues. Simply put, this is “the way to go” in employing tissue growth factors to stimulate tissue health and regeneration of your skin and scalp hair.

How is the procedure performed and who does it?
Where is the procedure performed?
What is the down time?
When will I see the results and how many treatments should I undergo?
Our PRICES. How much do these treatments cost?

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