Jaw Line Enhancement

Jawline and Chin enhancement by fillers, Botox ,fat transfer and Liposuction

All these forms of treatment are offered at TLC

A well-shaped chin that harmonises attractively with the remainder of the profile (lips, nose and forehead) is essential to looking good.

This also applies to having a well-defined jawline that is obviously distinct from the neck, and that runs from an attractive chin to an obvious posterior jaw angle with no intervening jowl.

Jawline and chin enhancement are offered to those who have always lacked these features, as well as to those who once looked great, but have lost definition with time due to tissue loss and sagging.

Botox targets the mentalis chin muscle that flattens the chin (and also creates a dimply “popply” appearance). Relaxing this muscle that many people subconsciously activate when they are talking or getting on with life (they don’t see this when looking themselves in the mirror because the muscle then is not usually contracting) leaves the chin looking more attractively prominent and in better synch with the mouth and remainder of the face.

Synthetic HA fillers like Volux (Allergan’s especially formulated filler) and Restylane Lyft (from Galderma) are easily, and virtually painlessly, administered in the aesthetic consulting room chair with no need for theatre and with no down time. Targeted areas can include the chin and pre-jowl sulcus, posterior jawline, pre-auricular zone and the cheekbones (to raise saggy jowls). The results are immediately gratifying and bruising is unlikely or minimal. The filling effect increases and improves over the ensuing weeks with the final peak effect reached at about 4 to 6 weeks. The fillers are slowly broken down thereafter by the body, but a good effect can last for 1 to 2 years. Further filler can be added at any time thereafter to either maintain or further augment the effect. This is definitely the modern way to go and has made the surgical implantation of prosthetic silicone bars obsolete because the results are more predictable and modifiable. Chin and jawline implanted prosthetics are usually a one-off procedure that is more challenging to get “just right”. Many surgeons with extensive experience in their placement are abandoning them for Filler placement.

Dr Mike Henry has many years’ experience in the use of HA Fillers and Botox for chin and jawline enhancement.

Liposuction of excessive neck fat is an essential part of some chin and jawline enhancements. This is performed by Dr Mike Henry. However, if excessive loose remaining neck skin could be an issue, then this needs to be combined with neck and possible face lift surgery which is not offered at our Clinic.

Microfat grafting to the same zones as for HA fillers (jawline, chin and cheekbones etc) is also an attractive alternative to HA filler use. The two can even be used in combination. Dr Mike Henry also offers this.

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