Male Breast & Chest Liposuction

An interview at 10 weeks after Male Breast liposuction at Taryn Laine Clinic - full interview

A breakdown of the entire interview into shorter soundbites:

1. 10 weeks after your male breast liposuction, how do you feel?

2. Looking back, what took you so long to have this procedure done?

3. Was price a big barrier issue to you?

4. What other issues, fears, concerns held you back?

5. What finally gave you the confidence to go ahead,at Taryn Laine clinic by Dr.Mike Henry?

6. What do you remember about the actual procedure itself?

7. Describe the postoperative pain in the days after the procedure?

8. Describe your return to the normal activities of life and how long that process took?

9. Did your rate of postop recovery pleasantly surprise or somehow disappoint you?

10. ....... and at 10 weeks afterwards where are you in your recovery?

11. Has simply having breast breast fat removed motivated you to work out harder in the gym?

12. What advice do you have for men out there who may be considering male breast liposuction but have many concerns about it?

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