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Slender Wonder Programme at Taryn Laine Clinic

Slender Wonder Weight Loss Clinic, at Taryn Laine Clinic, Port Elizabeth

The Weight Loss System that Treats the Cause!
Slender Wonder was developed by a South African doctor, Dr Jan Botha and has more than 200 accredited doctors countrywide. This safe and affective weight loss programme has evolved over 40 years with tens of thousands of patients being treated successfully in South Africa.

Program Breakdown:
  • Meal Plan - Nutritionally complete and practical meal plans specifically formulated for the various stages of weight loss. They are well balanced, easy to prepare and incorporate a high quality meal replacement shake to ensure optimum nutrition while you lose weight..
  • Supplements - Scientifically formulated supplements that help to normalize your body's fat burning mechanisms, increase energy and improve health.
  • Daily Lipotropic Injections - The injections consist of a formula that raises the Leptin hormone level which controls hunger and cravings, and helps rid the body of "abnormal" fat in a safe and controlled way. Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by fat cells in white adipose tissue and acts as a signal to the brain, thus having primary influence on body weight.
Support System - Your progress is assessed by regular, individual appointments with a weight-loss consultant to answer any questions as well as encourage and motivate you on your journey to optimum weight and health.

The Programme Process.
First, you will need to see our TLC accredited Slender Wonder Doctor, Dr Carla van Deventer, for a thorough medical consultationation (costing R340) at which time you will be supplied a script for the injection vials.

Thereafter, you will need to book your first appointment with our Slender Wonder trained Nursing Sister who will coach you further, perform your first "Bodystat" body composition measurement, administer your first Vitamin injections, supply you with and coach you on your self administration of daily "weight loss" injections and supply you with supplements , shakes and pre-prepared meals (this latter feature is voluntary and for your covenience).

You will then need to come for regular 2 weekly follow up visits with the Nursing Sister at which time she will assess your progress with body parameter measurements, determine and coach you through any difficulties and challenges and administer your vitamin injection.

Please note that no self administered injection vials will be supplied without a sister's appointment and valid prescription (which will be supplied at that visit).

At the beginning of each month you are liable for a Monthly Program Fee of approximately R220 – this covers your individual appointments with the sister, body composition analysis and Vitamin B Boosters.

As previously mentioned, we have also made available, for your convenience, delicious, healthy, low calorie pre-cooked frozen meals and soups; in variations of chicken, beef, veg and ranging in price between R35 – R42.

The first 4-6 weeks of the weight loss programme includes the daily lipotropic injections (you will be shown on the first Nursing Sister's visit how to self administer them virtually painlessly using a thin needled diabetic syringe), low calorie eating plan (about 600 calories per day) and supplements.There is a weigh in every 2 weeks to monitor your progress and answer any questions.
After the 4-6 weeks injection ,you will take a two week break from the injection over which time you will be given a different eating plan.

The cycle (4-6 weeks injections followed by 2 week break) is then continuosly repeated until you have reached your goal weight; once there, after a month of stabilisation you will proceed onto a maintenance plan, during which time we advise that you continue to weigh in monthly so as to remain accountable and to prevent any relapse.

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