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The youthful attractive face displays both fullness of contour (volume) and a triangular outline.  Furrows and hollows disrupt that fullness, creating shadows associated with a haggard, aged look.  Loss of the triangle of beauty occurs as facial tissue sags downward with age, or the jaw is too square or cheekbones are not prominent enough.  Thinning of lip  volume and outline looks dull.

Filler injections are a modern safe way to quickly and easily volumise the face, abolishing the shadowy lines and hollows, recreating the triangle of beauty and establishing the full contours of the attractive face and lips (lip volumising and enhancement).  Years ago, only face lifting was on offer and this often created an ascetic, drawn, “skull-like” appearance that was disappointing to say the least.

Volumising(Filling) was the missing magic ingredient and the only way to do it back then was by surgically implanting solid prostheses and stitching them into place under general anaesthetic.  Today, in the clinic chair we can re-volumise parts of the face in a truly gratifying way – and it’s so quick, easy and safe with minimal downtime and a predictable outcome.

Injecting your own fat taken from other body areas is another wonderful way to do it, but is a little more invasive, has a longer downtime and is not as predictable in its result.   

Combination Botox and volumising is frequently used and can acheive amazing results.

All these before and after pics are treatments peformed by Dr.Mike Henry at Taryn Laine Clinic. Many websites simply copy pictures provided by the manufacturers of fillers but are unable to show their own work.   

fillers taryn laine clinic 01 fillers taryn laine clinic 02  fillers taryn laine clinic 03 

Combination Botox + Filler correction of a midline frown and crevice. Click on the pics to enlarge      

Modern-day tissue fillers  are of two main types:

1. Biodegradable nonpermanent.

Hyaluronic Acid - Restylane® Perlane Range®, Juvederm® Range, Teosyal Range. These are not isolated from any living tissues and so do not carry the risk of dangerous infections like slow viruses. Should you not like the effect, the filler can be rapidly dissolved by injecting an enzyme called hyalase. This is very reassuring to the aesthetic physician and to the patient.

Collagen - Evolence

Calium Hydroxy-appetite - Radiesse®

2. Nonbiodegradable permanent.

These are often associated with permanent problems so we avoid them at TLC.

At TLC we favour the non-permanent fillers and use the above-listed products.  Expect the effect to last approximately one year or more. Injecting fillers is done under local anaesthetic with top priority given to pain control.

Bruising is possible but is now almost never seen since we have been using blunt cannulas instead of sharp needles to inject. By avoiding the use of any aspirin/salicylate products for 10 days prior and with our use of cryotherapy we can minimise the chances.
Tissue swelling soon settles, but may create an initial exaggerated appearance. It may therefore be advisable to have it done at the end of your work week and 1-2 weeks prior to any important social event.
We are constantly amazed at the transforming effects achievable by revolumising (filling) critical facial areas and features especially when combined, where needed, with Botox, Chemical resurfacing peels, and possible face-lifting.

fillers taryn laine clinic 04


fillers taryn laine clinic 05


22 January 2015


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