Liposculpture by VASER Liposelection and Conventional Liposuction, plus  Autologous Fat Transfer for face, chin, neck, body and limbs.

Performed under Tumescent Local Anaesthesia and Sedation.

By Dr.Mike Henry at: Taryn Laine Clinic, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

LIPOSUCTION is  the sugical removal of fat, by mechanical  "internal filing" using suction assisted hollow cannulas. The fat can first be "melted" by invasive sonar (Vaser liposelection) or laser energy probes, followed by the same mechanical  suction removal. Liposuction reduces those pockets and areas we just cannot sort out by diet and exercise alone. 

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LIPOSCULPTURE refers to the process of differential depth of liposuction in adjacent body zones to reproduce the etched surfaces of an attractive body, as well as possible additional autologous fat transfer.

This takes the process to a much higher level. The results can be truly amazing: a case of 1+1=3: contoured liposuction fat removal + fat transfer = a result that far surpasses each procedure in isolation

A liposulpted abdomen will show the upper midline and lateral longitudinal grooves found in the athletic build.

Liposculpted hips and buttocks will display an attractive sacral curve, slim contoured waist, filling of lateral hip depressions, shaving down of saddlebags, firmer shaplier buttocks and reduction of inner upper thigh fullness.

FAT TRANSFER entails moving your fat from areas of excess to those requiring volumising thus filling out hollow contours to create a more attractive shape. This makes liposculpture a truly 3D sculpting art. It's your own fat so it is always well accepted by your body. The fat just suctioned out is a precious resouce for which pharmaceutical companies would charge thousands of dollars. So why throw it away if its free and can safely be reimplanted into hollow or flat areas via similar small incisions and cannulas.

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Is General Anaesthesia necessary or advisable?

We do not advocate or practice liposuction under General Anaesthetic (GA) where surgical theatre and anaesthesia are being charged per minute since the time-cost pressure on the surgeon to take shortcuts can be overwhelming.

These shortcuts include not allowing enough time for either the vasoconstrictor infiltrated into the fat to really work properly (so leading to unnecesarily heavy blood loss) nor for the meticulous sculpting that is required for a smooth and contoured result.

The frequent turning and repositioning of the patient that  is paramount for a good result is both difficult and dangerous under general anaesthetic because it may cause dislodgement of the endotracheal airway supplying oxygen to your lungs.

Serious mishaps (like misdirecting the suction cannula into vital body organs) are far more likely to occur under GA because of these difficulties in optimal patient positioning, and because a deeply anaesthetised patient can no longer react to protect herself. Such mishaps almost never occur under conscious sedation.

It is difficult to exagerate how much greater safety has been brought to liposuction since modern, 'up to date' doctors who are willing to devote the extra time, have changed to Tumescent anaesthesia and strong effective sedation. This practice ,though, does not suite the busy doctor whose interest is not soley patient focused.

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Pain and discomfort under Conscious Sedation and Tumescent Local Anesthesia  as performed at Taryn laine Clinic is minimal; lying there "agonising" simply does not happen.

Neither will you "bleed to death". Infiltation of a blood vessel constrictor (adrenalin) into the fat, plus allowing adequate time for it to take effect, has turned liposuction into virtually a "bloodless" procedure.

Attention to your fluid balance and the maximum safety limit on the amount of fat that can be removed will not allow you to suffer circulatory shock.

Almost all the liposuction horror stories have occured when doctors did not use the modern combination of Tumescent local anaesthesia and conscious sedation,do not allow enough time for vasoconstriction to prevent blood loss, or do not observe the safety limits of maximum fat removal and maximum lidocaine dosage .

Safety, comfort and a meticulously sculptured result are our priority.

Postoperative pain is minimal for the first 12 to 18 hours whilst the local anaesthesia remains in the targeted fat. Thereafter orally taken medication keeps the pain well under control. Whilst wearing comforting supportive compression garments, physical activity is encouraged and depending on the area treated some have returned to work the next day; more extensive liposuction and more sensitive areas may require a few days  to a week off work.         

The real proof of the effectiveness of the postop pain contol regimen employed at Taryn Laine Clinic is this: many of our patients have returned for repeat procedures in other areas, some as many as four times. This simply would not happen if we had not mastered correct and extremely effective postop pain prescribing.

Should you still have serious fears and concerns, then we can get permission from previous patients to be contacted by you to enquire personally from them about their operative experience. Rest assured that pain control and safety are top priority for us at Taryn Laine Clinic.

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Liposuction and body weight.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure but a reshaping tool. The maximum safe limit of fat removal at any one liposuction session is only 4 to 5 kg. Nevertheless even as little as half a kilogram of fat removal from the right places can lead to amazing body shape improvement; especially in those who are quite slim but simply cannot exercise away certain problem areas.

Provided you remain below your postop break-even weight (pre-op weight minus the weight of the fat removed), then you will maintain the shaping effect of the liposuction.

Weight gain after liposuction will not completely negate this reshaping effect though, as fat increase tends to be widely and uniformly spread (like icing on a cake) rather than to preferentially reaccumulate at treated sites. Should you begin accumulating more and more kg's over and above your break-even weight, then you run the risk of accumulating fat at other areas like the arms or lower legs that can then look disproportionatel out of shape: so always strive to stay below your break-even weight and this won't happen.

Despite the modest weight loss benefits of a liposuction procedure ( 4-5 kg wt loss max), many have been so encouraged by the benefits to their body shape that they were suddenly motivated to get serious about diet and exercise. In such people, liposuction has worked out to be the kick-start to their weight loss programme as they then went on to lose many more kg's.

If you are seriously overweight it is always better to institute a good weight loss programme with the help of a dietician prior to liposuction. This has two benefits:-

           1. Fat lost before allows you to benefit more from the procedure; we have to stop at 4 to 5 litres of fat removal at any given procedure. We can thus cover more areas, and give you a better shape.

           2.Learning to control your weight BEFORE the procedure makes it far more likely that you will keep those liposuctioned kilos off afterwards and so maintain the full benefit of your lipo.

 Areas amenable to liposuction that we treat at TLC include:

  • The abdomen, upper and lower with option of including a mini tummy tuck
  • The flanks, waist, back and "lovehandles" to produce a more voluptuous curve in women or v-shape in men
  • Buttock reshaping and enhancement by liposuction and fat transfer
  • The legs, including upper and lower medial thighs, knees ,ankles and calves.
  • Liposuction of the upper arms and base of the breasts
  • Enlarged male breasts
  • The chin and neck

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You are welcome to submit pictures by email for a free feasability comment. You need not include your face unless you are wanting that treated. Please do not clothe or cover areas you want treated. Pictures wearing a bikini or similar attire are usually adequate. Send them to

Doctor consultations. It is always best to make an appointment with Dr.Mike Henry so that you can be properly assessed during a face to face discussion  and a quote can be provided. There is a one off charge for a consultation of R490.00

Finance Options.
We do not offer payment plans and these procedures are not covered by Medical Aids. However should you require finance for Liposculpture the go to

Making Sense of all the marketing  - Vaser, Laser, PAL, WAL etc.
Ever find youself bewildered by all the competing advertising? Is Vaser better than Laser and what about Body-Jet Water-assisted liposuction(WAL), or power assisted liposuction (PAL)?
If you were considering buying the work of a sculptor, what would be your over-riding concern? ...... the tools he uses ...... or his results?
If he consistently produces magnificant work, does it really matter wether he uses a diamond pointed chisel, a power assisted hammer or an old mallet and rusty nail ? Suppose you find out that he uses pretty basic tools but you are told that the artist next door uses all the most modern equipment  ....... so you excitedly rush next door, only to be disappointed at finding mediocre to poor sculptings.  Whose work would you choose? Is the equipment used more important than the outcome?   It's quite obvious, isn't it ? ....... The final results (the curves, contours, smoothness, overall ballance and lack of skin laxity) and the safety ..... are far more important than the actual tools (Vaser,Laser, PAL) the doctor uses. No informed patient will sacrifice good results for 21st century gadgetry if safety is the same.

VASER, LASER, PAL etc are very useful tools. However, in the wrong hands or even used by skilled doctors in the wrong places, they can produce untoward (bad) effects; like giving a chain-saw to a novice or a skilled carpenter attempting to fine tune a wooden statue with the same chain saw. Far more important is the skill of the person selectively using them and the kind of outcomes he usually produces.

Dont allow the euipment manufacturers and distributors to unduly influence you with their clever and glitzy marketing. They have bypassed the doctors hugely experienced in liposculpture and gone directly to the public. They can create the perception that the use of their technology will guarantee safer and superior results; dont be the umpteenth patient to discover,at your cost, this falacy.
If you like the kind of results you see on this page then trust us to use the right tools to get you there.There are times to use a chain-saw and times when you shouldn't. Allow us to guide you when to use Vaser, Laser, WAL, PAL or none of them.


Final Results
There will be some initial bruising and fluid accumulation at the operated sites. If present,bruising settles within 2 to 3 weeks. Fluid accumulation due to the operation itself settles within 2 to 3 weeks but may take several more weeks to completely disappear. By 6 months you will see the final result of your procedure. Don't despair about having to wait 6 months! You'll be 70% there by 6 weeks ....... 90% there by 3 months.

Will I ever lose the full benefiit of the liposuction? Not If you maintain your weight below your post-lipo breakeven weight. The sands of time will result eventually in age-related saginess etc. that a previous liposculpture will not be able to prevent.

The TLC Hideaway Recovery Facility

For those seeking a discrete safe recovery facility, book in to our private suite in a quiet safe PE (Port Elizabeth) suburb to just "overnight" or spend a few days under the watchful eye of our treating aesthetic doctor. Even those living in PE may wish to temporarily "disappear" from sight into this tranquil setting with a peaceful garden and picturesque swimming pool. Breakfast and other meals,as well as laundry can be provided.

If you are interested please make an appointment for a consultation or contact us via email for any further queries - view additional images on Taryn Laine Clinic Facebook page - CLICK HERE


22 January 2015



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