Butt reshaping by Fat transfer

We offer buttock liposuction fat removal as well as autologous fat implantation (your own fat harvested from other areas of your body) to reshape and sculpt the entite buttock and hip area.

We do not offer implantation of artificial material prostheses (like one would use in breast implantation) that are permanent. Please look elsewhere if this is your desired procedure: we are unable to recommend a Clinic that does this.


Technical Explanation of the procedure.

Liposuction fat removal is performed at our Clinic (in an on-sight dedicated operating theatre) using the worldwide standard of tumescent local anaesthetic infiltration into the areas from which fat is removed (and discarded) or harvested.This makes it virtually painless and extremely safe from a blood loss point of view. You will also be safely sedated (asleep but arousable so you can turn to new positions) whilst undergoing continual cardio-respiratory monitoring; sedation turns it into a pleasant experience.

The fat is removed via narrow cannulas (hollow rigid metal tubes). In cases where buttock enlargement (augmentation) by fat transfer is the primary goal, fat needs to be harvested from other body areas – and this needs to be done in a way that leaves you with a better body shape overall. So part of the assessment for buttock augmentation is determining how much and from what areas the fat must be taken. This fat harvesting procedure is in itself an aesthetic liposuction type procedure and needs to be done with plenty of skill and experience to ensure a pleasing overall reshaping of your body (so that, at the very least, the donor area does not look worse than before).It is often technically more difficult and time consuming (and so usually more expensive) than the fat transfer part of the procedure.

The harvested fat is then processed to remove excess fluid and placed into special syringes for implantation (transplantation) via hollow cannulas into the marked out buttock zones. It is then injected along the cannula tracks of the implantation cannulas as they are moved backwards and forwards through the buttock fat, which has also been anaesthetised via the tumescent technique. This part is also very comfortable. The correct volumes and positioning of the filling zones are critical for a good result. Dr Henry is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and keeps up to date with the best techniques and equipment to use.

The technical bottom line.  You need to understand that buttock augmentation using your own fat involves at least 2 separate procedures performed at the same sitting:

  • fat harvesting by liposuction (”lipo-aspiration”), done in an aesthetically pleasing way (which is often both more artistically and technically demanding plus time consuming than the fat transfer: and therefore usually more expensive) ……
  • followed by fat transfer (autologous fat transplantation).
  • Both are done safely and virtually painlessly in a dedicated on-sight operating theatre using tumescent local anaesthesia supplemented by intravenous sedation administered under cardio respiratory monitoring with continuous oxygen administration via nasal cannulas.

How long will the results last?

The advantage of this procedure is that your own fat tissue is being used. This means that the tissue cannot be rejected. It also results in a natural texture and firmness.

Should you gain a lot of additional weight then there is the risk that the transferred fat will expand and a once shapely butt can get to look unattractive. Nevertheless, re-losing the additional weight will usually correct that scenario.

If you maintain a good weight or even slim down, then over time some of the transferred fat may disappear. This can be remedied by a repeat lesser volume transfer a year, or more, later. It is difficult to predict how much will disappear but we compensate this by slight over-correction at the time of the initial procedure. Much of the transferred fat, however, will permanently remain, making it a worthwhile exercise.

Another way to do buttock augmentation is to implant artificial objects (buttock prostheses) that are permanent and never change in size; however, this carries a higher risk of infection and of a later shift in position, both requiring removal of the implants. We do not offer buttock prosthesis implantation at our clinic, and cannot recommend any other clinic that does.

Cost of Buttock Remodelling

1) The procedure fee includes the theatre use, sedation with monitoring, a single set of postop compression garments plus post-op doctor visits.

Calculation of the procedure cost depends upon the number (and degree of reshaping) of the donor areas from which fat is to be harvested, as well as the buttock reshaping/augmentation procedure itself. This is how the final total procedure cost is calculated:-

The cost of fat harvesting ranges from     R 4  -  26 000.00

The cost of fat transfer ranges from         R 4  -  14 000.00

The theatre and sedation cost is              R 4  -   7 000.00

Post-op compression garments cost is        R        2 000.00  (waive this if sourced yourself)

The Total Procedure Cost for Buttock augmentation by fat transfer therefore ranges in price from R14 000.00 (or R12 000.00 if you source your own compression garment) ….. upwards, depending on the whole picture. Harvesting a small volume of fat from a single area like the lovehandles or saddlebags,
 with transfer to a limited area like  shallow lateral hip depressions will be at the lower cost range. Extensive liposculpture with harvesting from multiple areas like the back, sacral area, waist, lovehandles,saddlebags etc plus large volume butt fat transfer with extensive shaping will entail a cost at the higher end of the range, like R49 000.00.

No part of the above procedure cost will be covered by medical aid.

2) Additional costs include:-

Aesthetic assessment and treatment planning                                      R 490.00

Pre-op health assessment with physical examination                      approx   R 500.00

Pre-op blood tests at an accredited medical lab                             approx   R 400.00

Postop medication obtained from a pharmacy                                approx  R 300.00

Finance Terms and help

We are not able to offer any payment plans.

Should you require help with finance then go to www.medifin.co.za.

Your Aesthetic Assessment and pre-op planning

This is done face to face at an appointment at our clinic during which we will discuss your desires and concerns, assess from where to take fat and how much and where to implant it, as well as check on safety aspects and provide you with a written quote. Please call us on 041 374 7852 to make an appointment. The consult fee is R490.00 (as outlined above under the cost section).

Should you decide to go ahead with the procedure, you will need to undergo the pre-op health assessment by our doctor to ensure your medical fitness. This can be done, time permitting, right after the aesthetic assessment or you can book another appointment time.

If such a visit will be difficult (because you are based out of town etc) then you are welcome to send pictures that should include not only your buttocks but also the donor areas from where the fat can be harvested. We will then assess whether we can help you as well as provide a rough idea of procedure cost. There will be no charge for this, but should you decide to proceed, you will still require the face to face aesthetic and health assessments.

 We look forward to meeting you. We will not belittle any of your concerns and we do not have any issues about what some people call “vanity’; we fully appreciate how important a good body image is to mental and emotional wellbeing.


How Much Time will I need to take off?

Usually, no more than one week.


If you are from out of town you will need to be here at least 1 day before the procedure and stay for a minimum of six days after. In other words you will need to stay a minimum of 7 nights in PE. This is important for early detection and prompt management of any possible postop problems.Especially for the first week, you need to be spending as little time as possible sitting on and so compressing the areas that have received fat: this gives the transferred fat the best chance to survive.Accomodation in Port Elizabeth. We advise that you stay at our postop recovery facility under the direct supervision of our aesthetic doctor who does the procedure. We will transport you to and from the airport as well as the Clinic. Alternatively, you can stay at any one of several nearby B and B’s.




22 January 2015



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