LIP ENHANCEMENT - Volumising & filling.

The youthful attractive (sexy) mouth displays full (well volumised) lips, and corners that are on the same level as the centre.The lips usually also have a distinctive border (outline) that stands out and above the surrounding tissue with 2 ridges extending up to the nose, forming Cupid's Bow . In the attractive mouth of caucasians (whites) the lower lip is usually fuller than the upper, whereas in blacks the upper and lower volume is equally full. 

With aging we tend to lose the lip outline, the volume, and the tissue below the mouth corners. This causes a dour (sour, grumpy) downturning of the mouth corners and pencil thin featureless (surly and severe) lips.

Lip Filling (Volumising) with Hyaluronic Acid (Restylane®, Juvederm®,Teosyal) "fillers" is a safe and very effective way to restore or enhance an attractive mouth.  

lip remodelling taryn laine clinic 03

  Subtle red lip (vermillion) enhancement. Before and immediately after.

lip remodelling taryn laine clinic 04

Lip enhancement (volumisation) with Juvederm.

lip remodelling taryn laine clinic 05

Elevating sad mouth corners using Juvederm hyaluronic filler.
 lip remodelling taryn laine clinic 06t

Consevative lip volumising and mouth corner elevation.

lip remodelling taryn laine clinic 07

At TLC we will never overdo it in the manner that the Hollywood press love to publisize. We are also careful not to create a dominant upper "Duck Bill Lip" or a mouth that looks too wide and overdone at the sides ( "wide mouth frog").

Pain Prevention is very important to us. Simple to perform local anaesthetic nerve blocks, like at the dentist, are usually used before injecting the lips. Some patients choose just a local anaesthetic cream. The filler material has local anaesthetic incorporated into to it too. Bruising is now very unlikely with the blunt nose infiltration cannulas (notsharp needles) and cryotherapy we use as standard practice.




22 January 2015



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