Chemical Skin Exfoliation (Facial Peeling) Port Elizabeth

Skilled application of different chemical solutions at specific concentrations (strengths)leads to the exfoliation(falling or peeling off) of old, tired, leathery - looking upper skin layers.

The skins natural renewal and healing processes are thus set in motion, leading to a fresher, smoother appearance. Excessive Melanin Pigment(Melasma) can be stripped out and cosmeceutical applications prescribed at TLC prevent reforming of the excess pigment.

chemical peels 01 taryn laine clinic

Before and after Chemical peeling peformed at Taryn Laine Clinic.

Peel Chemicals and strengths differ in their depth of effect and thus differ in their ultimate benefit and downtime (the days you don't wish to be publically seen). Generally the deeper the peel, the longer the downtime but greater the benefits. Lighter more superficial peels with no downtime can be repeatedly applied to approximate the benefits of a deeper peel with longer downtime. Downtime is relative and determined by your desire not to be seen with dead skin that is peeling off like after a sunburn.

Products used at TLC include:

    Glycolic Acid - up to 70%
    TCA - Trichloroacetic Acid - up to 30%
    Salicylic Acid - (Beta Peel)

 Proprietry Products include:


 chemical peels 02 taryn laine clinic
Before and after chemical peeling peformed at Taryn Laine Clinic.

Individual Assesment:

Patients need to be individually classified as to Fitzpatrick Sun-reactive Skin Type and Glogau Photo-aging Type as well as carefully assessed as to what can be achieved and for any reason, why peeling may be inadvisable.

Pain Avoidance and Safety are of paramount importance to us. We have been performing peels for many years now and have the required knowledge, skill and experience to do your's safely and effectively.

Please make an appointment for an individual assessment or email a picture, describing what you are hoping to achieve.


23 January 2015


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