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The Face of Taryn Laine Clinic. Carol Ann Kelleher of Algoa FM

C-A first began Botox treatments at Taryn Laine Clinic by Dr Mike Henry in 2007 at the age of 47. That was 13 years ago. She has since then never skipped a beat in coming for regular Botox follow up treatments. At different stages she has also had HA filler injections administered to various facial areas plus occassional chemical peels.

C-A is unrepentant in proclaiming her philosophy that she does not wish to "age disgracefully".

Admittedly she had initial huge concerns and misgivings about the consequences of modern facial aesthetics such as :-

1) " Will my face collapse in the long term, as I had been sternly warned by my dear aging mom?"

2) "Will I somehow harm myself if I start down this road, maybe do it for a few years, and then stop? Is it a case of once you start you have to continue .... or else there could be negative consequences?"

3) "Who do I pick as my aesthetic doctor? Who can I trust?"

After a heap of research, C-A consulted and interacted with Dr Henry on a few occassions ......... and then finally took the plunge. She has never looked back. Her concerns have been assuaged over the passage of more than a decade.

1) No, her face has not even begun to collapse: it is looking better than it did 13 years ago.

2) Although she has never entirely stopped, there have been times when her Botox and Filler effect has worn off for several weeks or months: with no sign of any bad consequences. In fact, she has come to realise that good research worlwide has shown that, even if she never had another facial aesthetic treatment again, the past 13 years of treatments have left a positive effect that has kept her back on the facial aging curve; and that benefit would persist for several years. But C-A doesnt plan on straying too far from her regular treatments any time in the forseeable future.

3) Dr Mike Henry is the Aesthetic doctor she has come to trust.

To C-A, looking good is not about "vanity". It has been about feeling comfortable in her own skin and far more importantly, about preserving her career as a Public presenter and Master of Ceremonies. "When you no longer look the part, you simply dont receive work requests any more. People are still nice to you .... but pass you by. As a bread winner I cannot afford that".

C-A does not keep coming to the taryn Laine Clinic just because she continues to be its "face":  but rather because she has come to trust the consistently natural result, the good version of herself that she sees looking back in the mirror; with no signs of appearing tired, grumpy , saggy or "past her sell by date". In her career, she cannot afford mediocre results, even if they are dished up at no direct monetary cost to her.

Call us to make an appointment; and find out why , for the past 13 years, Carol Anne Kelleher of Algoa FM has put her face, quite literally, into the hands of Dr Mike Henry at Taryn Laine Clinic, the Clinic you can trust.

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