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Your First Appointment. Taryn Laine Cosmetic  Clinic.

Your first visit is important to us.  We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Some feel embarrassed as though they are somehow being vain.  Rest assured that we at Taryn Laine Clinic know the importance of feeling good about our appearances and in no way will your concerns be trivialized or scorned. Men are often uncomfortable initially but are quickly put at ease that more guys are doing it than many realise.

Your first visit is the time for a holistic assessment of your skin and facial features and for mapping out a proposed treatment plan. So come without applied base or much lipstick.  Assessment for liposuction requires no special preparation.

Some treatments like Botox injections, certain filling procedures and some peels can be done immediately.  The commonest reason for having to postpone injection treatments is prior ingestion of Aspirin/Disprin/Salicylate – containing products like Grandpa or cold medicines that greatly increase you chances of bruising.  Stop taking them (even in tiny amounts) 7 – 10 days prior to your visit if you want immediate injection (Botox and/or filler) treatment.  Some deeper peels like TCA and the Melapeel need to be discussed with our therapist and planned for a later date, since certain skin products need to be pre-applied.

More extensive filling procedures may need to be rescheduled to a date allowing for more time and possibly prior to a weekend to permit post-procedure swelling to settle before returning to work.  Rescheduling a procedure will not incur another consultation fee.

You will need to complete a medical history form so please bring a list of all your regular medication, skin products and possible recent medication/pain killer use.

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